DK International Research Foundation (DKIRF) established in 2017 is a educational service organization. DKIRF was envisioned and founded by Mr. C. Ashok Kumar The Foundation aims to accelerate use of modern science for sustainable agricultural and rural development. DKIRF focuses specifically on research and development work and to own, establish, maintain laboratories, experiment centres, assist, subsidise any Government Semi Government, Private, Universities for Scientific and other research work and inventions related to the agro based business of the company by providing or contributing to the remuneration of research, scientific or technical professors, teachers for technical researchers, providing or contributing to the awards, prizes, scholarships, grants, sponsorships to the students or others to encourage them.


30th June, 2019


The DK International Research Foundation recognizes expertly highly cited research professionals who are committed to teaching and research in higher education its coveted national level faculty Awards. These awards (Certificate, Medal & Memento / It’s a Non-financial Award) are presented in 29th December 2019 (associated with ICMRTASET-2019). The scheme has criterion, standards, regulations, application form, expert committee and judging process etc that are governed by the governing council.

DKIRF 2019 invites nominations opened on 1st July 2019

Last date to submit nomination (Online / Email) is 29th November 2019