DK International Research Foundation
Affiliated to
International Economics University, Republic of Maldives

DK International Research Foundation & International Economics University honours you with Honorary Doctorate (Doctor of Letters - D.Litt). If you are an Educationist, Educator, Industrialist, Economist, Sociologist, Business Magnet, Politician, Trustee of an Educational Trust, Charitable Trust or anyone who contributes to the Society with a view to eradicate poverty, we honour you with an Honorary Doctorate (Doctor of Letters - D.Litt).

Doctor of Letters (D.Litt) is an academic degree, a higher doctorate which, may be considered to be beyond the Ph.D. It is awarded in recognition of achievement in the humanities, original contribution to the creative arts or scholarship and other merits. D.Litt is awarded as an honorary degree.

Research work or dissertation is not required for the Honorary Doctorate Degree.

The Honorary Doctorate Degree is a symbol of tribute and honor; it is not a formal degree, but awardees can add "Dr." with their name.

You can add Dr. with your name. In the letter pad, visiting card and name board, you can be known by others as Dr.

Our Organization will not force anyone to apply for the award; only interested / needy teachers can apply.

The selected candidates can get the degree in convocation ceremony, which will be held at Madurai or Chennai

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DK International Research Foundation
Associated with
Ballsbridge University, Roseau, Dominica

We are pleased to mention that The Ballsbridge University is chartered and recognized by the government of Commonwealth of Dominica - a United Nations Member State - as a Higher Education Institution (HEI) with registration number 16184 and a Certificate of good standing as per the commonwealth of Dominica Laws. BU is legitimate and self-regulating awarding Body with accreditation framework duly chartered and legally empowered to function under the statutory laws of Commonwealth of Dominica. BU is accredited by both academic and professional bodies which provide the reassurance of a credible, academic, industry recognized qualifications.

Affiliation & Center:

  • Institute of chartered professionals
  • Chartered by Government of Dominica
  • Certified to ISO 9001: 2008
  • Certified to ISO 29990: 2010
  • Accredited to IQAAF: 2011
  • Accredited to IAO: 2011
  • Accredited to BQS
  • Recognition from California University (FCE)
  • Education Quality Accreditation (EQA)
  • Board of quality standards - oversight board and part of the university recognized by EU
  • Ballsbridge university college London part of the university serving EU students by distance learning
  • Part of the university in Ghana not under the national accreditation board
  • Part of the university in Nigeria and Zambia
  • West Africa site for students from West Africa
  • Other bodies in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, USA, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Rep. of Benin, South Africa & India etc.

We invite applications for Honoris Causa Ph.D / D.Litt / D.Sc / LL.D degree (Latin: "for the sake of the honour") from experienced personnel in various disciplines who have rich experience in their respective field.

This program is offered only to a select group of accomplished individuals such as yourself. As a professional, a degree or additional degree will allow you to make a greater impact. The expedient way of showing the world your knowledge, abilities, experience and talents is with your degree and use of your titles. Once your CV & application form received. The Doctorate Monitoring Board shall review and after satisfaction shall send the confirmation letter

DK International Research Foundation & Ballsbridge University awards honorary degrees on a selective basis to distinguished individuals who merit exceptional recognition for substantial achievement and distinction in a field or activity consonant with the mission of the university or the independent colleges as articulated in the statement of purpose. Through its choice of honorary degree recipients, the university and independent Colleges of BU makes a public declaration of its own values. This award is distinct from other awards offered by the BU in that it is not limited to, while not excluding, alumni or those making a direct impact on the university or Colleges.

Our honorary doctorate degrees are awarded to leaders of national and international eminence in their areas of endeavor.

This unique Ballsbridge University honorary doctorate recognizes profound contributions in the arts, science and technology, education, politics and law, public service, humanitarian pursuits, religion and moral leadership, and civil rights. The honorary doctorate recognize and encourage ideas, values, and accomplishments of individuals from all walks of life who significantly contribute to discussion and debate of thought, science, humanitarian pursuits, beauty, freedom, social development, international development and sustainable education.

The honorary degree will stem from a legitimate, renowned university. Ballsbridge University uses this program to raise funds for some of its research projects. The university maintains a complete and permanent record on each honorary doctor and responds promptly to requests for validation when authorized by the recipient of the university.

An honorary degree may be awarded to a person satisfying the following criteria:

  • Outstanding accomplishment in the honoree's field, with national status wherever appropriate
  • Demonstration of the values articulated in the Statement of Purpose of the College, making the honoree a fitting role model for students
  • Some tie to BU, or this region of the Swaziland, Malawi, Ruanda, Nigeria, Ghana, Benin and other countries which makes recognition especially appropriate

The following persons associated with Ballsbridge University are able to nominate candidates to receive honorary degrees:

    • The President, Chancellor & Vice Chancellor
    • Current and Former Members of the Board of Governors
    • Resident Representatives

Nominations are vetted by the Committee on Honorary Degrees, comprised of representatives from the Faculty, Administration, Alumni, and Board of Governors. Both the Faculty and the Board of governors will vote to endorse a candidate before an honorary degree is granted.

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DK International Research Foundation
Associated with
Commonwealth Open University, British Virgin Islands, United Kingdom

COU provides adult continuing education. It was developed to meet the needs of adults by offering non-resident degree and other programs on an international basis. The programs have been organized and developed using as a starting point the "off-campus" external degree concept tried and tested by the various "universities without walls".

There are no entry requirements for undergraduate courses. You decide how long you will take to complete your course work. While you are studying, a teacher will be available to offer help, answer questions, and guide you through the learning process, but students are free to choose their own study pace.

As an institution of distance learning, COU has been able to assemble a faculty of recognized experts from throughout the global marketplace. Our faculty consists of university professors, business executives, consultants, and other specialists. Though these instructors vary in subject matter expertise, they share important attributes. All of them are actively practicing what they teach, and they are skilled in imparting their knowledge through distance learning channels and technology.

COU is committed to providing equal opportunities for study. We welcome applications from English and Spanish speaking people of all nationalities and from any background, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, occupation, marital status, sensory or physical disability, religious or other beliefs.

Commonwealth Open University is an international institution registered and established in the British Virgin Islands (U.K), which has many students all over the world. COU educational programs are acknowledged as the foremost, with an excellent academic reputation. COU staff and lecturers are very committed to quality in services.

Our graduates have had remarkable success in having their degrees accepted. We will gladly supply information to potential or current employers or institutions.

We invite applications for Honoris Causa Ph.D / D.Litt / D.Sc / LL.D degree (Latin: "for the sake of the honour") from experienced personnel in various disciplines who have rich experience in their respective field.

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DK International Research Foundation
Associated with
Commonwealth University, London, United Kingdom

Commonwealth University is a corporate university set up to work with organisations and individuals to meet their specific educational and knowledge acquisition purposes.

The Commonwealth University focuses on developing leadership and management skills of top executives and business owners. Commonwealth University is accredited by the International Association for Distance Learning.

At the Commonwealth University, we focus on two main purposes:

      • To empower leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and professionals to be more effective in their jobs and also to be responsible to national and community needs.
      • To create, maintain and to extend the highest standards in all that we do.

Commonwealth University has impacted business owners, leaders and professionals in over 40 countries across the globe in the past 10 years.

Commonwealth University wishes to work with corporate organisations to achieve their specialised purposes. Individual managers, leaders and business owners wishing to study to earn a Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate degrees are equally welcome.

The Commonwealth University London Centre serves as the International Operations Office.

Commonwealth University Faculty is made up of excellent professionals drawn from the best in Europe, Africa, Asia and America.

The London Graduate School, London, partners with the Commonwealth University to deliver programmes globally.

Our flexible distance learning approach fits the needs of busy executives perfectly.

Our leadership and management seminars have been rated highly for meeting the purposes of business owners, leaders and professionals. Over 90 percent rating consistently.

Whatever your educational and knowledge management purposes, you are sure to have a perfect solution. Send us an email at info@cub-edu.com

We invite applications for Honoris Causa Ph.D / D.Litt / D.Sc / LL.D degree (Latin: "for the sake of the honour") from experienced personnel in various disciplines who have rich experience in their respective field.

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